Key Stage 3 Year 7

Welsh is taught to all pupils in Key Stage 3. There is a clear focus on developing pupils’ oracy, reading and writing skills in line with the National Curriculum, as well as opportunity to develop wider skills such as communication, working with others, ICT, literacy and numeracy.


Year 7 pupils build on what they have learned in primary school, looking at how to present information about themselves with confidence and accuracy. Topics studied in year 7 include All About Me, Hobbies, School and The Home.



Key Stage 3 Year 8

Year 8 pupils focus on discussing their own experiences and those of others, expressing their opinions and responding constuctively to views presented to them. Topics studied in year 8 include The Area, Money, Fashion and Shopping and The Weekend.


Key Stage 3 Year 9

Year 9 pupils start to prepare for their GCSE course, extending their work to show a natural flair with a variety of key elements expected of pupils at GCSE level. Topics studied in year 9 include Holidays, Television, Pop Music and Cinema and the World of Films.