Welsh Baccalaureate

Key Stage 4 Year 10

The Welsh Baccalaureate is an exciting and dynamic qualification. It ensures our young people develop important skills that will prepare them for the world of work. The qualification will help pupils prepare for their future by developing skills and attributes that are valued by employers.


The Welsh Baccalaureate is based on a Skills Challenge Certificate alongside supporting qualifications.


In year 10 students study two key challenges as part of the Skills Challenge Certificate:

1. Community challenge – during this challenge students will develop planning and organisational skills as well as           personal effectiveness skills. Students will have the opportunity to participate in opportunities that will benefit the           local community.

2. Enterprise and employability challenge – during this challenge students will develop enterprising and employability       skills and attributes. They will develop skills in digital literacy, creativity and innovation as well as personal e                 effectiveness. This will enable pupils to stand out from other candidates when applying for and securing a job in           today’s very competitive market.


Key Stage 4 Year 11

The primary aim of the Welsh Baccalaureate in year 11 is to promote the essential skills for employment and provide a rigorous and exciting programme of study that involves a substantial amount of independent work.


In year 11 pupils study two key challenges:

1. Global citizenship challenge – during this challenge students will develop skills of critical thinking, problem solving,       creativity and innovation. Pupils will have the opportunity to understand and respond appropriately to global issues.

2. Individual Project – during this challenge students will develop important research skills studying a topic of their             choice in depth. This project will enable students to develop a wide range of skills including literacy, numeracy,           critical thinking and organisational skills.