Physical Education


At Key Stage 3 our aims are to enable every student the opportunity to experience a range of sporting activities.


Students work as individuals developing their skills and techniques and in groups which enhance their teamwork and tactical appreciation.


All students at Key Stage 3 receive two hours of Physical Education every week within the school curriculum.


Key Stage 3 Years 7/8

Boys – rugby, fitness, gymnastics basketball, swimming, cricket and athletics.

Girls – netball, gymnastics, fitness, swimming, basketball, rounders and athletics.


Key Stage 3 Year 9

In Year 9 the aim is to broaden students’ experiences in Physical Education by developing their skills in a number of familiar activities and then to allow them to apply their knowledge to new activities, including Football and Badminton.


We aim to give students the opportunity to develop their personal fitness and gain an understanding of anatomy and creative, critical abilities through performance and observation of a wider range of aesthetic experiences.


We aim to build on your child’s current water skills. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a range of team games, and to demonstrate a depth of understanding of games principles and rules. Many aspects of track and field athletics are covered; students are able to develop personal talents. Students will have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities and represent the school in teams.

At the end of the course students will have:

Gained a thorough understanding of the importance of regular physical activity and the contribution it can make to a healthy life style
•Mastered certain skills, and enhanced their knowledge and understanding of games activities and begin to apply this knowledge in new activities
•Learned to co-operate with others in all activities
•Learned to accept winning and losing with equal grace

• Enjoyed all aspects of Physical Education