Information And Communication Technology

At Heolddu we seek to capitalise upon the natural fascination that computers hold for our pupils, and develop the skills required to make all aspects of information technology accessible and understandable. We have a rolling programme of investment in computer technology, which has led to the school having five dedicated ICT suites, a room for Additional Learning Needs support, suites of computers in Technology, Music and Geography, and an ever growing number of tablet devices.



Key Stage 5 Year 12

Students study the WJECT A Level ICT course, and this is a very popular subject at Heolddu, with many students then going on to study the subject at university level in a range of computer-based courses.


Unit 1: Examination 60%. 2hr 15mins


This consists of a question paper with answers written in an answer booklet which is marked externally by the WJEC. There are no optional questions in the paper for unit 1.


There are two sections to the paper:


Section A: 75% of the marks for Unit 1


Consists of structured questions designed to assess breadth and depth of knowledge of Information Systems in business, education, healthcare and the home.


Section B: 25% of the marks for Unit 1


Students take a spreadsheet, which they have created in advance, into the examination and are expected to answer questions on how it works.


Unit 2: Coursework - 40%


This unit requires students to use ICT hardware and software to solve a problem involving three separate tasks. For an organisation of their own choice, they are asked to produce:


1) a document such as a leaflet or magazine.

2) a document containing automated routines (e.g. mail merge)

3) an interactive multimedia presentation.


The coursework unit is marked internally, and then moderated by the WJEC.

Key Stage 5 Year 13

Unit 3: Examination - 60%. 2 hr 30 mins


This unit consists of a question paper with answers written in an answer booklet which is marked externally by the WJEC. There are two sections to the paper:


Section A


The questions in this section will test the breadth and depth of knowledge about the use and impact of ICT. It covers topics such as networks, the Internet, security policies and management information systems.


Section B


Students will be asked to answer one of two extended questions in this section, which are frequently related to the coursework they will have completed in unit 4.


Unit 4: Coursework - 40%


This unit requires students to produce a project based around a relational database for a business/organisation of their choice.

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